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The floors are covered with carpets, which are regularly replaced due to wear.

The most important element in the mosque is the mihrab, which is made of sculptured marble.

for imitation jacobean, tudor, stuart and gothic furniture made in the 1830’s.

It was named after Abbottsford the Scottish home of the 18th C.

In appearance the Asian sphinx differed from its Egyptian model most noticeably in the addition of wings to the leonine body, a feature that continued through its subsequent history in Asia and the Greek world.

Another innovation was the female sphinx, which first began to appear in the 15th century at Mycenae throughout the late Helladic age showed the sphinx characteristically winged.

Born Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto in 1898 in the Finnish town of Kuortane, he graduated in architecture from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1921 before assisting the Swedish architect Arvid Bjerke.

Back in Finland in 1924, he opened the Alvar Aalto Office for Architecture and Monumental Art in Jyväskylä, and emblazoned the name beside the entrance in two-foot-high letters The word abacus has meaning in Greek architecture as the name for a slab of marble on top of the capital of a column.

His greatest buildings, like the 1927 Viipuri Library and 1928 Paimio Sanatorium, fused the naturalism of Finnish romanticism with modernist ideals: as did his influential furniture and glassware.

• Introduction • What Types of Pottery Are There? Like cave painting, as well as other types of prehistoric art, the invention and development of pottery is a reflection of social, economic and environmental conditions - many of which are still poorly understood - and a significant indicator of a society's cultural development.

The earliest form was Chinese Pottery, which first appeared in Jiangxi, to the south of the Yangzi River basin.

In this article we focus attention on ceramic crafts during the period of prehistory and classical antiquity.

Meantime, to see how the evolution of pottery fits into the chronology of prehistory, see: Prehistoric Art Timeline (from 2.5 million BCE).

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The interior is lit through more than 250 stained glass windows and numerous chandeliers.

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