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This potentially allows for tighter permissions on the key file, or allowing different groups of administrators read/update access to or the key file.Therefore, we create a new file /var/named/keys.conf, and include it from /etc/named.conf: The contents of /var/named/includes one key record for each user or host that will have DDNS update access.For directions on actually performing dynamic DNS updates from a remote client, read the companion article on nsupdate.Configuring dynamic DNS on your name server is fairly straightforward.In this example configuration I use private IP addresses and therefore configure the DNS Server to not forward this information to a public DNS Server.Although, in case your set up requires it to forward this information, I'll describe also this case at the appropriate point.

Using the username ([email protected]), algorithm (HMAC-MD5, as shown in the key) and the key from the nsupdate example, the key record will look like (NOTE: "secret" line is wrapped; it appears as a single line in the configuration file, with the two halves separated by a single space character) Once keys are added to the file, you may begin associating keys with DNS zones and DNS records, giving the owners of the keys permission to add/update/delete DNS records.

You build a collection of keys, and then associate each key with one or more DNS zone, thereby establishing your site security policy.

It is a good idea to separate the DDNS security keys from the other portions of /etc/

While googling around for a better solution, a friend on IRC pointing me to a utility that has been around since BIND 8: nsupdate.

nsupdate is a fantastic little utility that enable quick and secure DNS zone updates.

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Specifically, it will push forward (A) and reverse (PTR) lookup entries.

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