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Not only do the books come with great techniques, but each guide ends with a terrific page of links to give you extra value for your money. Dating's Guides, you may RE-SELL them yourself with no royalties due. BUT...armed with the information in this guide, your self-confidence with explode, your "dating" techniques will improve, and before you know it - Ms. Dating's easy-to-following techniques for delaying and prolonging ejaculation, will enhance the lovemaking experience for both of you!

The Labrador Retriever is a medium-size (weight 55 to 80 pounds, height 211⁄2 to 241⁄2 inches) dog characterized by a dense, water-resistant coat, a thick otter tail and a clean-cut, broad head with a friendly facial expression. The otter tail—one of the distinctive features of the Labrador Retriever—is described in great detail in the breed standard (the official description of the ideal Lab).

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Sell one guide or all six, individually, in packages or as a complete set. Right (and all her sisters) will be flocking to your doorstep! Dating's Great Tips for Dating Success, you won't ever have to be alone again. will share all his secrets, including: *** How to meet people through friends, at work, even doing community service. Dating's Guide to Online Dating will get you into the swim with a tidal wave of information about: *** Creating a Profile that Gets Attention *** The Best Online Dating Sites - including rates and other information *** Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level - Meeting Off-line *** Cyberstalkers - How To Identify and Avoid Them HOW TO MAKE SEX LAST LONGER If you're like most men, you're easily aroused and easily satisfied. *** The Tease Technique *** The Squeeze Technique - Pressure Points and Pointers *** Artificial Stimulation - Natural and Electrical *** Mental Distraction - From Baseball to Sheep *** Pleasure Positions HOW TO GIVE ANY WOMAN ORGASMS Your body - and a few tips from Dr.

*** Learn the ABC's of Successful Dating *** Appearance *** Body Language *** Conversation *** Find out the Secret of Introducing Yourself Successfully *** Master the Information-Gathering Techniques that Ensure a Great Match GREAT TIPS FOR DATING SUCCESS Think you're the only one out there trying - and failing -- to get a date? *** The inside scoop on online dating sites, personal ads, dating services and more *** Secret dating "tests" that will help you identify your perfect match *** Why parties, "in" restaurants, and other crowd activities are date-killers *** Dating Etiquette - what to do and what NOT to do *** Why it's more important than ever to date safely, plus tips on how to keep yourself from getting into a bad situation GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING Think thousands of people are finding love-matches online? Every day, MILLIONS of people - every age, background, race, creed and color - are using the Internet to meet their mate. Dating - are all you need to help your woman achieve orgasm after orgasm.

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