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But the "terror" alert to idols has escalated in recent months.On June 13, a user of conservative online community Ilbe issued a death threat against Twice's Mina, citing the possibility of the singer being in a relationship.

He was a regular on the popular reality show Invincible Baseball Team, and was the host of talk show Win Win in 2010.Stay strong Mrs Hong "I want to live with someone else.You date other men too," - How can he say this to his wife of 30 years?He also hosted several programs on cable, including fashion program Homme, bowling show Lucky Strike 300 and food show Noodle Myeongga. Hong’s wife later caught wind of the relationship, leading to a dramatic confrontation with Kim in which her younger rival allegedly uttered this already infamous line: “That’s why you should’ve managed your husband better.” (Soon after the news, Hong’s Wikipedia page had a fresh update.) For her part, Hong’s wife is apparently staying the course. I’ll wait until the day I die,” she was quoted as saying — again, Korean melodrama.

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