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It's the question on every single Chicago girl's mind: Where do you meet guys in this town?Although there’s no magic spot where all the eligible bachelors like to hide, there is one crucial element to getting yourself to the right place to find the right fella.That’s an activity in it of itself, and a commendable one in a city like Chicago where it seems there’s always something opening or closing down.But, being a “drinkie” and a “foodie” are interests you can share with a man, so if this is your scene, check out 25 Degrees, the new “bordello meets burger bar” in River North.It is not unlike when buyers and sellers, each pursuing their best interest, come together in a marketplace.Online dating is for relationships what modern, electronic financial markets are for people trading stocks or bonds.

Chicago Tribune contributor Mark Caro takes Tony to one his favorite drinking holes in Chicago, The Hideout.

Namely, going out and "doing something," rather than just sitting at a bar downing gimlets and batting your eyes at the handsome dude across the bar.

That's why we recruited Melissa Malka, our favorite love guru and the brains behind JALBC, a full-service dating consulting company, to dish her stellar tips and ideas for encountering someone new in Chi.

The sexual revolution of the 1960s and the internal migration of Americans to big cities meant that singles events in mid and large-size cities quickly replaced local town activities where participants previously knew each other.

By the 1970s, singles events had developed a reputation as a "ritual of lies and mistrust", replete with men in search of casual sex, cold and unfriendly women, and frequent misunderstandings.

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And you, homeboy, shoulda/woulda/coulda put a ring on it, but instead you overplayed your poker hand, as well as other poker parts, and now you’re played out.

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  1. She has also appeared as a guest expert on the nationally televised Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Michael Baisden Show, The Al Sharpton Show, The Michael Eric Dyson show, on “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus” with host Cybill Shepherd, and featured on BET Television’s “Oh Drama! Cooper writes a dating advice column for the San Francisco Examiner (online edition), serving as the S. Fine tune your dating strategy and stop dating the wrong men!