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Once you enter the password, the contents of the pst will be accessible to anyone who uses your computer while Outlook is open.

If you know the password but are tired of using it, you can remove it or change it and save it to your password list.

In the EMC I enabled this by going to Server Configuration ?

Client Access and the properties of the mail server.

:( EDIT: Found a fix for me potentially via - and

dg=microsoft.public.exchange.admin&mid=00d4a681-f588-4eed-b4f8-5c3645e7376c&sloc=en-us [email protected] had an issue similar to this. All of my Outlook 2007 users were getting prompted over and over for the username and password.

One side effect of this was that it removed the password from the pst file.

So if you passworded your pst and forgot the password, you can use this utility to remove the password so you can access your email.

I've tested the settings on everything is reported as ok. I managed to get this working by using NTLM authentication.

That was pat of the method for solving the HTTP/RPC password issue Bruce Mc Cleod mentioned in his answer.

I don't use HTTP/RPC on this network, but I tried setting the passwords when I first started troubleshooting this. MYDOMAIN.com, and also entries for the Exhange edge servers. Depending you how exchange is installed and configured, your exchange server might have a front end, and a back end.

I'll delete the stored passwords, and see if it fixes it. Removing the enteries under Control Panel, User Accounts, Advanced, Saved passwords that related to mail servers. I shutdown Outlook, deleted all of them, and restarted Outlook, no prompt. This setup is typical if you are accessing via HTTP over RCP, in an internet environment.

In those situations, saving the password only saves it for the front end, not the back as that is a different machine address and that is why you still get prompted.

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This will not work with pst files created in Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, or Outlook 2013.

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