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The third kid would either (1) referee or (2) compete even louder than the previous two, adding to the strained musical onslaught that by now resembled a frog-pond on a full moon.

(Have you ever heard frogs croaking in broken Japanese? sing even louder) basically to upstage/shame the other impudent cretins who obviously can't sing it properly, and act like you are the ONE TRUE FAN of the show, and no one can possibly love it the way you do.

Their flexibility to think and act makes their games interesting and challenging.

It's quite certain that many of us have done somewhat a bit of this way back then.

And don't forget, putting the grand-finale pose mimicking Voltes V's punch gets you an extra Two Thousand Points!!!

I think pushing the other kid so he lands on his butt gets you Two Million Points.

C) is a Filipino musician, composer and conductor; he was Executive and Artistic Director for several years of the defunct San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts.

He was also a resident judge for the only television season of Philippine Idol, broadcast in 2006.

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