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Scott quickly learned the frenzy for Luke Danes is still very real.More than 200 locations across the country were transformed into the fictional restaurant, but Scott only hit up this one. his handlers kept him safe from the resurgent sea of fans. The relationship lasted for approximately two years and abruptly ended in the year 1985.

Luckily, Scott Patterson is here to confirm a major one for us — and it gives just a little bit of insight on another.

stars Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson snapped a celebratory selfie as production wrapped up on Netflix's upcoming revival. " Patterson wrote on Twitter Thursday alongside the photo which featured the on-screen lovebirds smiling.

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We're talking about the Loreali and Luke relationship, and Lorelai's potential pregnancy. Coy as in..avoided the question and gave no answer? So basically, there may or may not be a baby — straight from the coy source himself.

At an amf AR event on August 3, Patterson told that he can confirm that Luke and Lorelai are indeed together. "We are together and we're sort of figuring out the next step." That's comforting to hear, considering Jared Padalecki's latest quote on the status of his character and Rory Gilmore's love life.

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