Virgo man dating scorpio woman

The Virgo woman's captiousness and impatience may irritate the Scorpio man.

Virgo and Scorpio act like covert agents on first dates.

Compatibility of Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman There a considerable chances of a 'happy marriage' between a Scorpio woman and a Virgo man.

Virgos are intelligent and sharp, Scorpions are strong and determined, both will complement each other and will encourage and help other in rising high.

The only drawback is that Virgo are more expressive and logical and on the other hand, Scorpions are secretive which may lead to compromise in the relationship.

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They will certainly discover a soul level bond after the first few dates.Through this lens, it's easy to see why some Virgo love matches fare better than others. Besides the obvious reason of the two sharing the same earth element, Taurus is stable enough to soothe Virgo's nervous streak and worrying tendencies.Virgo does not have to worry Taurus is going to do something out of the blue like empty the bank account and run off to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun, and this is very comforting.Scorpios like to improve others by toughening them up and replacing weakness with strength.When Virgo and Scorpio get together, they will each try to make the other over according to their own image of what an ultimate mate should be — for better or for worse.

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