Zoe kravitz dating andrew

It’s the first major deal out of the Austin festival, which concludes on Sunday.

Her lithe 5'2" frame erupts in kinetic energy, bouncing up and down on the concrete like it’s a springboard as she stares at her phone in disbelief and ecstatic rapture. She doesn’t have an entourage or a bodyguard; she takes the subway. The only “bratty” thing about her, she’ll admit, is that she doesn’t do her own laundry (she’s got a housekeeper). “When I was younger,” she admits, “I really wanted to prove to people I was a normal human being, that I was cool, chill.” Some kids wanted to be her friend because of the fame; others ostracized her for it. But just how much she’ll continue to fit in is clearly about to change. She might be a movie star, a rock star, and (famously) the child of two celebrity parents so distinctly talented and beautiful that they border on the ethereal, but right now, on this sidewalk, she’s having the same utterly human freak-out so many New Yorkers before her have experienced: She got the apartment. “I just wanted to fit in.” And right now, in this café in Williamsburg, she’s fitting in just fine.Neon is operated by veteran indie distributions Tim League and Tom Quinn.“Gemini,” directed by Aaron Katz from his own script, centers on the relationship between a tenacious personal assistant (Kirke) and her Hollywood starlet boss (Kravitz).

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